At home in your world

For life. For work. Our baseline proved to be fitting once again in 2022. While the world of work was still changing rapidly in the aftermath of covid, the war in Ukraine put the brakes on the economic world. Staying on course while navigating these hefty counter currents was and is a tour de force for every organisation. As such, 2022 proved to be a year with many faces.

Flexibility vs continuity

Flexibility - in terms of working time and place, but also rewards, workforce planning, and career paths, among others - has become a crucial asset for employers in the war for talent that is still raging.

Employees increasingly seek a good work-life balance, self-development, purpose and belonging within their careers. Employers need to offer all this, within the sudden context of exceptionally high inflation and energy prices, automatic wage indexations and disrupted supply chains.

In short: increasing cost efficiency in uncertain times while attracting, retaining and motivating talent in a scarce labour market was the main HR challenge for companies in 2022 and will remain so in the years to come.

The worlds of HR and business continue to evolve rapidly, so we must - and will - do the same.
Filip Dierckx
Chair of the Board of Directors of SD Worx

A solid but agile partner

As a leading European HR player, we can and must bridge the gap. We strive to do so with an offering that is fully aligned with the needs of all employers - small, mid-sized, large, local and international - and their employees. Now and in the future, whenever and wherever they need it, and with the best expert service.

To that end, we strengthened our already solid foundation once more in 2022. With huapii, for instance, we enriched our offering in talent management. Through the acquisitions of HRPRO, Intelligo and Integrho, our international footprint now extends across the whole of Europe.

Our mysdworx gateway and platform integration technology will soon ensure a unique and uniform customer experience for our HR and payroll solutions - wherever customers operate in Europe, with or without our own payroll software. They can count on a solution that aligns with their local language and culture, and that is always stable, secure, and compliant with the local legislation.

The year of the customer

Our promise is that, for every HR-related need and question, customers can come to SD Worx. After all, if we can relieve them of all their HR and payroll matters, they can focus fully on what they do best: their core business activities.

We continue to execute our growth strategy and have put the right resources into place. In 2023, we will consolidate our fast-grown organisation and offering. Just like our customers, we as an organisation must be equally cost-efficient. In order to be the most customer-centric HR and payroll partner, we need to respond to HR needs even faster and bring the right innovations to the market. Our added value must be crystal clear and propelled by unrivalled services.

Our promise is that, for every HR-related need and question, customers can come to SD Worx.
Kobe Verdonck
CEO of SD Worx

Setting the bar high

Apart from our staffing services, our 2022 annual results show an overall upward trend - in customer base, among others. SD Worx achieved a consolidated revenue of 962.1 million euro, which is an increase of 12.1% compared to 2021. The normalised EBITDA grew to 136.7 million euro (+18.3%) and the net profit climbed to 81 million euro (+73.1%). Great results, but that does not mean we can rest on our laurels. After all, the worlds of HR and business continue to evolve rapidly, so we must - and will - do the same.

One SD Worx

In turbulent times, a skilled and committed team is even more important in order to realise sustainable growth. We are fortunate to be able to build on that at SD Worx. High engagement rates and keen participation in our employee share plan demonstrate a strong belief in SD Worx, for which we sincerely thank all colleagues.

Together, we strive to achieve a single goal:
to be at home in the worlds of our customers.

No matter which obstacles inevitably show up in our path, we are confident that we will succeed in overcoming them and achieving our ambitions - as one. As our customers embark on this exciting journey with us, we are most grateful for your ongoing trust. Rest assured, we have been and will always keep pulling out all the stops to earn it - and exceed your expectations.

How? Let's find out.