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Celebrating 75 years
of SD Worx

In 2020, SD Worx celebrated its 75th anniversary: and a milestone this big mustn’t go unnoticed. To mark the special occasion, we’ve launched a festive campaign that allowed us to celebrate all year long. Thanks to our loyal supporters, it turned out to be a memorable birthday party!

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Our story
so far

75 years is quite an achievement. Here’s a brief look at our impressive journey, from our organisation’s earliest days, all the way up to today.


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In 1945, employers in Belgium create SD Worx, a wage administration company.


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SD Worx is the first payroll company to embrace IT technology in 1960. It continues to grow through innovation, extending its offering beyond payroll.



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SD Worx starts its European journey and expands into Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Germany.


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SD Worx introduces the Payroll Service Alliance, the first pan-European payroll solution.

In 2015, the coverage of Payroll Services Alliance expands to include the US and Canada.



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SD Worx operates its own offices in the Benelux, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mauritius.

Payroll Services Alliance coverage includes Asia. SD Worx acquires Protime, market leader in workforce management.

SD Worx expands into the flexible labour market with the acquisition of Vio Interim and Flexpoint.


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SD Worx acquires Pointlogic HR, a solution for reward and benefits management, and Adessa Group (HQ in Spain), increasing its HR cloud technology consulting capabilities.

SD Worx acquires GlobePayroll, a multi-country SaaS payroll and core HR solution.


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'Let's Make Sparks Fly'

Enabling each other to grow: that’s what SD Worx is all about. Not only do we want our own employees to constantly develop themselves, but we also expect the same from our clients. This is envisioned clearly in our company values: ‘We spark succes at the heart of your business so you and your people can thrive’. This ongoing energy is what we celebrate and how ‘Let’s Make Sparks Fly’ came into being.

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“Why did we choose sparks? Because they ignite things. Sparks bring people together, connect, create chemistry and warmth and ultimately produce fireworks – just like SD Worx has been doing for 75 years, within our own organisation and with our customers.”

Michael Custers,
Chief Marketing, Alliances & Portfolio Officer
at SD Worx

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From physical get-togethers
to a digital lockdown party

All was set for what had to be a major global event. Think lounging with colleagues, after-work parties, an exclusive customer event in Paris, etc. It’s fair to say we had big plans. As we were getting ready for the official launch in March 2020, coronavirus rapidly ravaged the world. Suddenly, we had to rethink our entire campaign. From then on, it was clear that the only way was digital.

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75,000 sparks for
75 charities

Throughout 2020, we invited our 4,600 employees and 75,000 customers worldwide to collect ‘sparks’ for charity. We achieved this through fun collaborations, heart-warming initiatives and encouraging stories. The ultimate goal was to collect 75,000 sparks to donate 150,000 euros to over 75 charities. Here is how we did it!

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Spark #1

We built the platform to promote all the initiatives and to track our progress. Anyone who wanted to share an inspiring story could do so on the platform.

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Spark #2

SD Worx employees were encouraged to nominate charities close to their hearts: institutions that dedicate themselves to the sick, elderly, less fortunate, animals in need, children who need extra care, science and initiatives related to COVID. Eventually, we selected 75 organisations and collected plenty of sparks to support them.

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Spark #3

Via our platform, people could send out friendly e-cards containing heartfelt messages to colleagues, customers, family members and friends. Every e-card sent generated 3 sparks. The tool was very popular: no fewer than 10,516 e-cards were sent.

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Spark #4

With 4,600 employees in more than 10 countries, getting to know our colleagues is somewhat tricky. That is why we organised a number of digital “speed dates“ during which colleagues could have pleasant chats with each other. Each registration for one of these sessions yielded 50 sparks. Ultimately, more than 670 colleagues participated in this fun and valuable initiative.

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Making sparks
fly in 2020 and beyond …

On 15 January 2021, we concluded our festive year with an entire day of SD Worx Radio and a heart-warming webcast for all our employees. We were able to share some videos the charities had put together to thank us for the much-needed financial support.

Never in 75 years did we imaging celebrating a birthday in this way. Yet, it turned out to be a memorable experience. Once again, SD Worx proved to be a warm-hearted company where people are always ready to help and support each other and our customers. It is clear that we are well prepared to tackle anything that comes our way in the years to come.

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