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Full focus on people

Illustration of group of people
Illustration of group of people
Illustration of group of people

“The legendary commitment of our employees has never faltered, not even during the year that we all had to deal with a pandemic and adapt to a socially distant economy.
Thus, the focus in this first ESG report is now on people, the S in ESG.”

Anne-Marie Cootjans,
responsible for ESG
at SD Worx

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Health and well-being at the top of
the agenda

Each of our employees plays a pivotal role in the success of our company. Their unique expertise and experience drive our continuing sustainable growth. It’s no secret: we can only flourish if our people do.

“To protect and maintain the well-being of every employee is always at the top of our agenda, but even more so during times of crisis.”

Cathy Geerts,
CHRO at SD Worx

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“The health of our employees always comes first, you don’t mess with that, full stop.”

Christophe Petit,
CEO of SD Worx
Staffing & Career Solutions

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Reflection of society

As our human talent is our greatest strength, we seek to recruit and retain capable employees with enormous diversity in skills, background and experience. Our people strategy respects all social rights and obligations. In addition, we strive to offer the best career opportunities, development tracks and the best conditions for diversity.

Profile SD Worx
employees 2020

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Number of employees


Number of nationalities

Age groups Percentage of people
< 25 5.41%
25 - 29 14.07%
30 - 34 16.73%
35 - 39 15.46%
40 - 44 14.12%
45 - 49 12.02%
50 - 54 11.44%
> 55 10.75%
Age groups Percentage of people
40 - 44 14.12%
45 - 49 12.02%
50 - 54 11.44%
> 55 10.75%

Also, in 2020 we called in a contingent workforce of 581 people.

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SD Worx applies an inclusive recruitment policy. All forms of discrimination are prohibited. Every applicant undergoes the same assessment process, with competencies, experience and motivation as key criteria for employment decisions. Since 2020, we have used AI to ensure objective recruitment and selection processes.

Although nationality does not indicate everything about integration or diversity in terms of cultural background, with 39 nationalities working at SD Worx, our workforce is clearly a diverse one. If we consider age, we see a growing number of women holding senior management positions in recent years. From April 2021, we will even have a 50-50 male-female ratio in our top management.

Structural partners
of the SD Worx Fund
and King Baudouin Foundation

Through the SD Worx Fund, we provide financial and professional support for concrete projects of partner organisations that enable vulnerable people to participate fully in economic life. Since 2020, SD Worx Fund has joined forces with the King Baudouin Foundation.

In 2020, we teamed up with:

  • 1/ Rising you
  • 2/ YouthStart
  • 3/ City Pirates
  • 4/ Mission Locales

A few examples of SD Worx
colleagues in action in 2020

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Sustainability is also in our employees’ DNA, and their generous and conservation-minded approach is deeply appreciated and encouraged by SD Worx. A short selection:

75,000 sparks for 75 charities to celebrate 75 years of SD Worx
Throughout 2020, we invited our 4,600 employees and 75,000 customers worldwide to collect ‘sparks’ for charity. The ultimate goal was to collect 75,000 sparks to donate 150,000 euros to over 75 charities, which we achieved already before the year was over.

Protime cares a lot
In 2020, our colleagues at Protime, an independent part of SD Worx, were able to help out as a team for two days a month during working hours to support a good cause. Sogeha, an organiser of summer camps for underprivileged children, and Dierendal children’s farm, among others, received extra hands. On an annual basis, this easily amounts to more than 1,500 hours of volunteer time.

The Payback Foundation
In 2020, colleagues participated in various fitness challenges and raised money for Payback Foundation, our corporate charity in UK, Ireland and Mauritius since 1997. They donated via Payroll Giving, an initiative for which we were awarded a bronze award by Charities Aid Foundation. The SD Worx Fun@Worx committee helped boost funds through online quizzes, raffles and competitions. We set up an online marketplace for the purchase and sale of goods.

For more information about our ESG efforts,
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