How we helped PAREXEL protect loads of employee data in compliance with the new privacy regulations

As a result of the new European privacy regulations - also known as GDPR - EU companies need to handle personal data differently. This also goes for data related to employees and jobseekers, such as information about payroll and employee benefits, contracts and résumés. Our collaboration with PAREXEL showcases how we help our customers in this respect. In addition to information about clients and clinical trials, the clinical research organisation also handles the data of over 17,500 employees in 84 countries. Ensuring GDPR compliance before 25 May 2018 was a challenging task.

Where IT meets HR

SD Worx assisted in laying the foundation for an HR and payroll system that can handle and register employee data in compliance with the new privacy regulations in every country where PAREXEL is present. In preparation for the GDPR, PAREXEL refined its existing software register, which enables the company to safely accommodate all types of data, while SD Worx helped establish a clear strategy to determine what kind of data needs to be registered where and for how long.

Everyone on board

“We realised we needed to involve our senior managers and employees in the GDPR compliance project as closely as possible”, comments Frank Rudolf, Director of Payroll at PAREXEL. “To do so, we used our existing dedicated intranet platform where our people can learn more about the importance of the new privacy regulations. On that platform, they also discover how we, as an international company, make sure their data rights are respected from A to Z.”