Commitment to our community

CIPP Employer of the Year Award 2017

For the second year in a row, SD Worx UK & Ireland won the prestigious CIPP Employer of the Year Award. As an HR provider, it is paramount that we practise what we preach. Accolades like these confirm that we are on the right track.


This is the number of candles that decorated the PayBack Foundation’s birthday cake in 2017! SD Worx UK & Ireland started this charity in 1997, and it is still managed by our British colleagues to this day. Throughout 2017, they ran marathons, cycled enormous distances, baked loads of cakes and boogied for 12 hours nonstop, raising almost €44,000 to help disabled children living in our local communities.

Over the past 20 years, the Payback Foundation has helped over 700 children and their families and collected well over €700,000.


Our colleagues in Mauritius put their best feet forward and donated as much as €7,400 in 2017 to charity! To do that, they organised events including Food Corners and Boogie for Payback. Contributions were made to various community foundations for unprivileged children totalling €5,200. In addition, LinktoLife, a cancer support centre that provides information, counselling and support to people and families affected by cancer, received €2,200 last year from our Mauritian co-workers.

We serve the community

Ever since we set up the SD Worx fund in 1999, we have supported less privileged members of society as often as we can. And with the help from our structural partners, we can do a lot. Since we share the belief that all social classes should have equal access to the employment market, we are eager to help the disadvantaged find jobs and stay employed. In 2017, we have therefore added a fourth partner to our list: Cortigroupe, an integration facility that offers them assistance in finding employment as well as accommodation and training courses.

We are the community

Every sustainable initiative is worth the effort - a truth embodied by our team. For the ninth time in a row, we participated in the Roparun, a relay race of approximately 520 kilometres from Paris and Hamburg to Rotterdam. The goal of the race? To raise money for people who suffer from cancer. But it does not stop there: our employees have the ongoing drive to increase awareness of CSR, which we can only support. As such, they did not only take part in the race, but also collected money for the patients on their own initiative. Our director of Large Enterprises & Consulting in Belgium even went as far as organising 17 yoga sessions to raise funds. In total, the SD Worx Community donated €25,000 to this charity in 2017.

For more info about our efforts in CSR in Belgium, download our annual CSR report at www.sdworx.com/csr.