Leaving for Luxembourg: Nadia Peerbux’ international experience

“My career at SD Worx took a surprising turn when I had to choose between two opportunities: joining the SD Connect team in my home country of Mauritius, or embarking on a 3-month adventure in Luxembourg. In September 2017, after going over the pros and cons of each option, I boarded a plane to a country I had never visited before. Scary, but exciting!”

“My choice to move was a well-informed decision. Before taking the plunge, I had an interview – in French! – with my future manager in Luxembourg. After 8 years of working in English, I now had to make French my primary language. However, we communicated fluently, and I even expanded my vocabulary – mainly in the area of French slang.

“The team was very welcoming and made me feel at home right away. The job was challenging, but enriching. Even over such a short period of time, I learned a lot and helped develop an application from scratch. During this project, I worked with the French development team in Bidart and the Belgian Hosting team.

“During those three months, I also had the fantastic opportunity to explore Luxembourg and several nearby cities in France, Germany and Belgium. I was lucky to attend ‘Bazar International de Luxembourg’, a volunteer-driven event that combines fundraising with multicultural experiences. People of over 60 nationalities gathered under one roof to sell food and artefacts and perform folk shows. Even Mauritius was represented, with some of our most famous local dishes, such as dholl puri, briani, gato piment and alouda, featured at the event.

“This experience has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I learned a lot about myself and my own personality, I gained product knowledge and learned how to deal with cultural differences in an international team. I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!”

By Nadia Peerbux – Senior Implementation Consultant at SD Worx UK, Ireland & Mauritius