SD Worx and World First take on international payroll exchange together

Managing payments in large enterprises across multiple locations can take a lot of time and resources, especially when the process includes foreign exchange. But together with World First, a global leader in international payments and money transfer, we are up to the task. Thanks to this new partnership, we can provide business leaders and global payroll experts with a payroll solution that offers them more control. At the same time, it helps save time and money compared to traditional banking methods.

By enabling clients to seamlessly authorise transactions in multiple foreign currencies, make payroll payments for staff around the world and handle all associated reconciliation and reporting processes on a single platform, we are able to give them a real advantage in today’s increasingly digitalised and globalised world. We’re proud to pave the way in international payroll exchange and payments with a forward-thinking company like SD Worx.
– Alex Arnold, Global Head of Partnerships at World First