The voice of the customer

We regularly evaluate how customers experience working with SD Worx on different levels. The feedback given during everyday collaboration and in customer satisfaction and other surveys is highly appreciated and used to streamline the way we work together.

Even more, we want to keep the bigger picture in mind. Enter the Customer Advisory Board, in 2017 in Belgium and Luxembourg. In a 3-hour session, the HR decision-makers of approximately 10 top clients engage in dialogue moderated by an external party. Topics include the future plans of the customer and their impacts on HR, challenges and their visions for the future of HR. Of course, we also ask for an overall evaluation of SD Worx and expectations, even though the person present is not always the one who works with us the most.

We have organised different sessions with different clients and those talks are extremely informative and valuable. In their feedback, customers tell us the unvarnished truth, which is crucial for improvement. We keep a finger on the pulse and we receive relevant guidelines to help shape our strategy. Our customers can voice their thoughts, knowing that they will get service in return that is modelled to their needs, and they hear how their fellow HR decision-makers see the industry evolve.