The best customer experience

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. This also applies to dissatisfied customers: if we notice even the slightest displeasure, we must tackle the issue and prevent it from becoming a complaint. Two years ago, we started a pilot project in Belgium to find out how customers experience their cooperation with SD Worx.

“If employees detect even a hint of negativity, they are trained to change that into a positive experience. In Belgium, we have now successfully rolled this project out across 8 offices. 72% of our customers give us a score of 9/10 or 10/10 for the support given relevant to that specific problem,” comments project manager Kurt Stragier. “In the overall satisfaction survey, too, we can see that the offices involved have the largest number of fans.”

Also in the Netherlands

In 2017, we launched the same pilot project in two Dutch offices. Jan Hein van den Goorbergh, one of the four coaches, shares his experience.

“All the employees involved in the pilot project were initially very pleased with the focus on customer experience. They also enjoyed learning diverse conversation and questioning techniques. When the stand-up meeting was over and the project really started, we noticed some initial hesitation. It goes without saying that we were listening in. That ‘cold feet’ feeling disappeared quickly when they witnessed the positive results of their own actions. It’s great to see validation and improvement.”

It’s all about communication

“The customers also react enthusiastically. This is something we observe in the evaluation scores. They think it’s important to be heard. Ultimately, that’s what it is all about: we need to listen to our customers. We cannot do that enough! If we perceive any dissatisfaction, we should call the customer rather than send an e-mail. Listening is the key word,” Jan Hein concludes.