Game changer in payroll & HR

In 2023, we onboarded the first pilot customer of our new payroll engine in Germany, which will transform the payroll process and provide customers with a fully integrated suite. This is another step closer towards becoming the trusted, leading European provider of integrated, end-to-end HR solutions for all organisations and their people.


Katrien Geuens, Portfolio Manager SME International at SD Worx, explains why:

“To get the full picture, we have to go back a few years when we developed and launched SD Worx Buddy to fully serve our SME customers in Germany. With this highly intuitive and easy-to-use solution, customers can capture payroll data and manage their employees, related data, documents, absences, expenses and benefits. It was clear that this was what the market had been waiting for, and we planned the roll-out in Finland, where SD Worx Buddy will go live by the end of March 2024. Luxembourg, Ireland and/or the UK are next in line.”


Continuous investment

Katrien: “We then developed a full stack with a new payroll engine for all company sizes, where SD Worx Buddy is integrated with the payroll suite, transforming the rather transactional payroll process into a value-added process. This not only means more efficiency for our customers, but also a new way of managing and experiencing payroll.”

One integrated platform

Katrien: “Because this centralised payroll and HR ecosystem with an easy-to-use interface allows customers to assess the impact of changes to net pay and employer costs in real time and in the blink of an eye. For example, they can forecast payroll costs to make up annual personnel budgets, or simulate what it would cost to hire a new employee or to give a raise. This data-driven knowledge leads to better decision-making, predictive insights and an improved employee experience. By working with real-time data, clients always have accurate insight and reporting at their fingertips.”

Next steps

Katrien: After the pilot project – and improving accordingly – sales in Germany will start at the end of 2024, with local roll-out planned from 2025 onwards.