“ESG is increasingly top of mind among clients, employees, candidates, investors, media and other stakeholders. For SD Worx, ESG has always been an inherent part of who we are as a company and what we offer, but now we’re taking it up a few notches. For example, we’re redefining our strategy to make ESG in all its facets a top strategic priority. Since all employees can also be ESG ambassadors, HR has a crucial role to play on this front. It also means that, as a company, we sometimes must make compromises to keep all business, people and ESG goals in balance and we need to be aware that it takes time to get everyone on board for such a change. So again, the role of HR is critical in making this transition happen.”


Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens

Chief People Officer at SD Worx

SD Worx wants to maximise its social impact. Each and every one of us has a spark; we support you in making yours as bright as possible.

Light your spark

To maximise talent development and talent visibility, we need to offer the right culture, mindset and tools. So, how do we go about achieving this? In 2023, we translated our sharpened talent vision into numerous initiatives, and 2024 will be the year of implementation in all countries where we operate.

Our view on talent

We want all employees to find their sparks, which they can grow and develop as they please. That’s why, in 2023, we launched our MyMove platform, where career ambitions, goals and (wanted) skills become visible, feedback is encouraged, appreciation is given… In short, where our entire talent vision becomes concrete.

“We worked on many fronts in 2023, both in terms of content and geography. Take internal mobility, for example: through our Switch programme, we are building talent pools with employees who are ready for new jobs within the company. Meanwhile, we are increasingly recruiting with a focus on inclusivity. Our offering with internal trainers has also grown significantly – and we are developing more and more leadership and mentoring programmes. What’s more, people are eager to participate in these and other programmes, which we highly appreciate.

“For example, all our employees can apply to join the SPARK JOYner programme, a strategic project group. For an entire year, they get support in their leadership journeys through discussion groups, training sessions, mentorship and team days.”


Ellen Neirynck

People Director at SD Worx

“Thanks to my mentor, I was able to improve my marketing and leadership skills. It was also interesting to get to know the SD Worx culture better, which is not always as obvious as a Protimer. My growing internal network is helping me to build more bridges with our parent company, too.”


Geert Segers

Marketing Manager at Protime, an SD Worx brand

“Honestly, it’s been an awesome ride that exceeded my expectations! I’ve gained invaluable advice and insights that will shape my future and stay with me as I move forward in my career. For example, ‘Embrace change as gracefully as a river flows’ is a guiding principle that has profoundly shaped my current perspective. Change, like a river, brings new beginnings and opportunities that flow on like time itself. Don’t fear it. Instead, embrace it with an open heart and a resilient spirit, and learn from it.”


Diego Allauca

junior SAP Consultant at SD Worx

“Through a micro-innovation track, I helped develop a project from A to Z with people from different departments. I was able to learn quickly, expand my network and I am convinced that we will have a lot to gain from each other as a group in the future.”


Liese Debakker

People Learning & Development Partner at SD Worx

The extra mile

Ellen: “What I will take away from 2023 is the growing sense of ownership and engagement. People are increasingly asking to take on initiatives or contribute to projects, often outside of their job descriptions. This is taking control of your career in practice!”


Ellen Neirynck

People Director at SD Worx

“During my SPARK JOYner trajectory, I focused on women’s leadership. Within SD Worx, we work on leadership in general, but we still need to pay special attention to women across borders. Having been an entrepreneur, I’ve become deeply interested and invested in the topic of female leadership. I want to inspire and empower other women. ‘Why settle for the ordinary if we can be extraordinary’ is my motto – and it gives me a great sense of purpose to continue to put my shoulder to the wheel in this respect within SD Worx.”


Sarika Jutton

Mid-Market Service Delivery Manager UK at SD Worx

“I have been working at SD Worx as a consultant since 2021, but I also have a degree in Gender & Diversity. As SD Worx is actively working on this theme, I told my Team Lead that I wanted to use and share my passion and knowledge in this area. That’s how the ball got rolling and soon I will be able to give internal training sessions. I’m also allowed to free up one day a week to support the diversity and inclusion working group.”


Michon Engels

International Payroll Consultant at SD Worx

“As a SPARK JOYner I’ve grown a lot in a short period of time, which is why I would highly recommend this track. My mentor, with whom I was perfectly matched, coached me through it with her proficient HR and management skills. This made me think about my further growth path within SD Worx and led me to attend a Train-the-Trainer session. After all, it’s the people who make a job exciting!”


Sofie Vorsselmans

Consultant Process & Projects Management at SD Worx

Team SD Worx progresses on the road to success

2023 will go down in history as a banner year for Team SD Worx. But even off the track, the team was extremely visible. Let’s cycle through some of the highlights.

With 64 victories and 116 podium finishes, the Dutch world team is winning steadily and is considered the undisputed number one in women’s cycling. We added to this success by donating a large number of shirts to charity, raising a significant amount of money for ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ and other good causes.

Team Team Team

Trump card in the war for talent

SD Worx extended the sponsorship deal until 2026 to allow the women’s cycling team sufficient time to further professionalise. The strong performance of the past year is also certainly a testament to SD Worx’s investment in the cycling team paying off as a business reward - but that’s not the only asset of this partnership.

“Potential candidates are drawn to our organisation via cycling, with half of our workforce comprising women, underscoring the significance of diversity. Finding the right people is one of the biggest obstacles to the growth of our industry”.


Kobe Verdonck

CEO at SD Worx

In addition, the goals of SD Worx and Team SD Worx are particularly complementary, from developing and growing talents to putting the employee, or the cyclist, at the centre of the team.

Follow Team SD Worx-Protime via

Your trusted partner

“2023 was a defining year in which the focus on ESG within the organisation gained momentum. This was not only because clients are increasingly asking for ratings, policies, and so on, but also to prepare SD Worx to answer the question: ‘What do we want to stand for as a company?’

“We focused on our decision-making processes, resulting in governance charters for the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, among others. But we’re also involving the departments where the impact occurs. After all, ESG ownership must be held by our entire organisation. We’ve made clear agreements on how we make the right, sustainable decisions, and what is required to make and communicate about these decisions.

“In 2023, we also developed a new code of conduct, covering a wide range of policies for topics such as human rights, diversity, anti-bribery and corruption, and conflicts of interest. We provide mandatory training on these policies because everyone needs to know them and act accordingly. In this way, we can assure our customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders that we’re on top of things and that they can rely on us.

“As our organisation continues to grow, we keep adapting, setting goals, realising them, and tracking them. In doing so, we also take the ESG compliance of our customers into account with our ESG-inspired offering, where we can certainly make a difference with and contribute to monitoring and achieving their targets, for example, through reporting via our systems.”


Kelly Lespinoy

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer at SD Worx

For detailed information about our ESG-related ambitions, actions and results, such as our double materiality assessment, carbon footprint study, new code of conduct, and many more, download our annual ESG report here.