Expanding our SME footprint across Europe

SD Worx is a customer-segment orientated organisation. Europe, for example, is a true SME market. That is why a lot of our services are SME-oriented, focussing on their typical needs. In 2021, we decided to expand our successful Belgian SME strategy to Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Katrien Geuens
By responding to our customer's demand, we try to always stay one step ahead.
— Katrien Geuens, Portfolio manager SME International at SD Worx

Building on success

Since its foundation in Belgium 76 years ago, SD Worx has built a successful SME strategy there. In other European countries, the SME portfolio was limited or simply non-existing. “Yet, we could not just roll out our Belgian tools to other countries,” explains Katrien Geuens, Portfolio manager SME International at SD Worx. “After all, each has entirely different fiscal and socio-legal rules. Additionally, customer demands cannot be copied one-on-one.”

“To offer our clients the most customer-oriented service possible, we decided to install dedicated SME service organisations in Germany, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom,” continues Katrien. “Rather than offering one-size-fits all solutions, we want our SME portfolio to be tailor-made. That's really the key to success on the SME market.”

From partner to Buddy

Within this philosophy, we developed SD Worx Buddy for Germany. This highly intuitive and user-friendly solution allows customers to capture payroll data and manage their staff, related data, documents and benefits. Katrien: “The tool is intended to fully service our German SMEs and to provide them insights, dashboards, etc. so they can make the right decisions.”

SD Worx Buddy platform

All about the customer

When introducing a new offering, we always keep our target group in mind. “As soon as we identify a gap, we respond to our customer's demands, so we - and they - can always stay one step ahead.”