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Local presence in 17 European countries, global reach in more than 150 countries


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Payslips per month

€ 858 mio

Total turnover 2021


1945 - 1960

In 1945, employers in Belgium create SD Worx, a wage administration company.

1945 - 1960

SD Worx is the first payroll company to embrace technology in 1960. It continues to grow through innovation, extending its offering beyond payroll

2000 - 2010

SD Worx starts it European journey and expands into Luxembourg, the Netherlands, France and Germany.

2010 - 2015

SD Worx introduces the first pan-European payroll solution.

In 2015, SD Worx Global Payroll Network coverage increases to include the US and Canada.

2015 - 2019

SD Worx is present in Benelux, France, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Mauritius.

SD Worx Global Payroll Network includes Asia.

SD Worx acquires Protime, market leader in Workforce Management.

SD Worx expands into the flexible labour market.


SD Worx acquires Pointlogic HR, a solution for reward and benefit management, and Adessa Group, increasing its HR cloud technology consulting capabilities.

SD Worx acquires Globepayroll, a saas multi-country payroll and core HR solution.

The SD Worx Global Payroll Network now covers 150 countries.


SD Worx opens offices in Spain, Poland and Italy, and acquires Aditro, adding presence in the Nordics.

SD Worx is majority shareholder of Teal Partners, a digital transformation company, and acquires launch!, further increasing its SAP SuccessFactors capabilities.

For life. For work. People solutions for the age of fluidity.

Work is more fluid now, various possible employment types, customisable reward options, flexible places to work … these all constitute a stream of possibilities that our customers have to harness and channel.

Today's employees want to be in control of their careers and choose the way they work. They want meaning. Purpose. A reason to live work well. They do not expect to be in one place forever. However, they do expect to enjoy the feeling and conviction that what they do matters.

Life and work are intertwined. That's why our people solutions are for life and for work.

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People solutions across the entire employee life cycle

Creating the right working environment for people and organisations to thrive.

Staffing & recruitment, Core HR, Payroll & reward, Workforce management, Talent & Careers

Our growing portfolio of HR tech solutions spans the entire employee lifecycle and creates a fluent experience for your workforce.

Through a range of flexible payroll en HR outsourcing we enable businesses to reward employees in countries, ensuring compliance and focus on their core activities.

Our HR and technology consultants provide thorough analysis, expert advice, real-world insights and state-of-the-art technology solutions.

From a wealth of HR data, we distil clear insights, smart analytics and reliable benchmarks to enable organizations to make the right people decisions.

We spark success at the heart of your business, so you and your people can thrive.

We believe that people are always at the heart of business success. That is why we help our customers empower their people at every step of the way, enabling them to benefit fully from our solutions—driving better results for individuals, for teams, and for their bottom line.

Our value statements

To be a spark, that's our company culture. Our renewed company values will guide us towards this:

Dear customer

Commitment drives us forward

We believe in each other

The road is open

One for all, all for one