Embrace hybrid working and make it happen

In times of a pandemic, remote working rapidly gained momentum. Today, hybrid working is here to stay. Many companies had to adjust their working processes to allow for a smooth shift. SD Worx developed relevant time & attendance and planning solutions to support employers towards more flexible work arrangements, even long after Covid. For this, we were recognized by NelsonHall, global leader in the analysis of businesses and their digital operational transformations.

Stronger together

Covid has been a major driver in the workforce management market, given the needs related to remote working, time registration, access control, workforce planning, and so on. SD Worx operates in this market through its brands Protime, Strobbo and Adessa.

According to our CMO Michael Custers, SD Worx' workforce management services grew by 8% in 2020. “In the short term, we want to continue expanding our offer, further addressing the new circumstances businesses are now facing.” And we intend to extend our geographical footprint even wider. Michael: “Historically our focus has been on domestic employers, but our international expansion will allow us to provide an extended range of workforce management solutions to employers who operate in multiple European countries and are interested in finding simple, centralised ways of working for their employees.”

Michael Custers

Seen and approved

“All our efforts in terms of workforce management haven't gone unnoticed,” continues Michael. “In its 2021 review, global leading analytics and consulting firm NelsonHall praised SD Worx for its dedicated tools and expertise, especially our customer solutions during the pandemic.”

NelsonHall also highlighted the digital progress of SD Worx' workforce management software, which inspired much positive feedback. “We couldn't be more thrilled with this recognition,” says Michael. “It shows that NelsonHall has great confidence in our continuing growth in this area.”

Brutélé and Protime put people at the centre



How to maintain the work-life balance when teleworking?



Protime's online time-registration platform

Service provider Brutélé employs more than 500 direct and indirect employees, which can be challenging in terms of personnel management. To allow teleworkers to record their working hours from home, Brutélé teamed up with Protime. Now, employees can easily make a digital request for office time or a work-at-home-day. “Protime's solution for time registration is a huge step forward for our employees,” says Eric Thomas, Brutélé's Head of Human Resources.

Protime's platform allows all-in-one: flexibility, mobility and telework.
— Eric Thomas, Brutélé's Head of Human Resources

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Striking the right balance between human and digital

Integrating new ways of working takes more than digital tools. Human interactions are just as important, according to Michael: “In times of remote working, it's vital to motivate your people and make them work efficiently, both individually and as a team, to help shape an overall employee experience. To really embrace the benefits of hybrid working, companies need the right employees and managers to coach and support them. SD Worx also assists this shift with various change management activities, such as seminars, webinars, dedicated content and site, in-house training sessions, and so on.”