It's your move:

“Proud to contribute to the story of SD Worx”

Barbara Kokken
I came on board at SD Worx Staffing Solutions almost three years ago. HR was new to me, but it soon became clear that it was a fast-moving world. After a period as a marketing and operations assistant I was given the opportunity to strengthen the team of management assistants within SD Worx. Again an interesting experience, with one thing in common: an incredible amount of support from colleagues and teamleads.

We work hard, but in a safe, respectful and collegial environment where you can be yourself. Formulating ideas and sharing your opinions is considered self-evident. I am proud to be part of SD Worx and to contribute to its story and I never thought I would still learn so much at this stage in my career.
— Barbara Kokken, management assistant at SD Worx

In 2021, 294 employees moved into a new job function in another part of our organisation