From several local tools to one scalable digital backbone: award-winning transformation case!

A scalable digital backbone is indispensable for efficient teamwork in an expanding international group. In 2021, we completed a 'big shift' from a large number of local software tools to one global HCM platform supporting the entire employee lifecycle. With this successful transformation project we won the 2021.

HRTech Awards 2021

Make people thrive

An international work organisation is only real when managers have an overview of how their teams are functioning across countries. When managers can make strategic decisions based on real-time HR data to maintain the right course in rapidly evolving market conditions. And when the employee experience is consistent across all markets. This way, within our business, full focus can be given on developing the employees' level of employability and performance.

From a country based to a segment based organisation

Plugging all our colleagues into one HCM (Human Capital Management) platform - and keeping a local touch - was a must. Chief Human Resources Officer Cathy Geerts: “The digital transformation is fully in line with our shift from a country-based to a segment-based organisation. In addition, it supports our ambition to further strengthen our position internationally. New entities can easily be plugged in.”

Cathy Geerts

Implementation of SAP Success Factors and Protime
In order to achieve uniform processes and data across all countries, we first replaced the local systems with SAP SuccessFactors. In a second phase, the implementation of the workforce management and time registration software Protime followed. The result: one integrated system that covers the entire employee lifecycle.

Large-scale transformation and change

The implementation of a central digital platform is much more than a technical matter. Getting and keeping everyone on the same page is a condition for the success of such a large-scale change project.

HR manager Centre of Excellence An Vanhees: “During workshops and validation moments we took the important decisions with the different stakeholders. Furthermore, we devoted attention to training and train-the-trainer sessions, manuals and FAQs to get all colleagues on board.”

An Vanhees

Time saving, insights and one user experience

The thorough digitalisation of the HR processes and broad range of intuitive self-service functionalities free up time for managers, HR teams and employees. Thanks to the dashboards and forecasts, managers have a global view of their resources, team objectives, skills and pipelines. This enables them to make more informed decisions.

On top of that, the HCM platform is scalable and thus completely ready for our further internationalisation. Cathy Geerts: “Across all SD Worx countries we have managed to create one user experience that perfectly supports the company's employer branding - 'It's your move'.”

An Vanhees: “Last but not least, our 'big shift' caught the eye of the jury of the HRTECH.awards - an award that celebrates innovation and digital transformation in the HR sector. On October 7th, we were able to cash in on our nomination in the How proud we are of our tech team and all the other colleagues who made this happen!”