Young Professionals at work


of entrepreneurs say technical development is accelerating faster than 5 years ago


of entrepreneurs expect to adapt their business models due to digitalisation


of CMOs believe leveraging data and analytics better will be a top priority by 2020


of all US sales will become digitally influenced in the next 3 years vs. ½ today

Belgium = 8th place digitalisation index

Belgium = 8th place digitalisation index

Only 6% of companies have the necessary people and skills

Belgium = 8th place digitalisation index

82% find it difficult to hire talent due to a lack of digital skills

Belgium lacks 16,000 digital profiles

Belgium = 8th place digitalisation index

Training and reeductation = investing time & money

Companies spend about $1,252/employee on direct training costs for a total of $71 billion (US figures)

Finding the right digital profile is key

The future will definitely be digital. Since most organisations are short of skilled professionals needed to make that essential shift, SD Worx now recruits and trains future experts in digital transformation for them.

Recruit, train and staff … and keep training and advising

We select high potentials with a maximum of two years of working experience, or promising students getting their master’s degrees at universities, and send them to bootcamp. Over the following three weeks, they are immersed in courses covering the digital transformation, digital marketing, agile ways of working, leadership, design thinking, etc.

To adopt a completely digital state of mind, they visit New York to directly observe and learn from start-ups setting the digital tone worldwide. After this intensive training curriculum, we outsource our Young Professionals to counsel clients undergoing their digital transformations. Continuous learning is essential in this dynamic field, which is why our Young Professionals continue to participate in monthly training sessions according to concrete needs. Moreover, they can ask our experts for advice at any moment. In this way, our customers aren’t simply hiring one employee, but a whole network.

Meet Young Professional Roberth Bekaert

Roberth Bekaert: “I was won over by the concept of Young Professionals because of the emphasis on digital transformation. Everyone is diligently looking for the new Apple or next Google, but digitalisation is more than radical innovation. It is necessary for any company to adapt its existing processes to today’s world.

“This is where the strength of Young Professionals consultants lies: we transcend common practices and look for opportunities and possible improvements. As a result, we always offer added value to every company. Thanks to the bootcamp, every Young Professional has the necessary tools, knowledge and competencies to add real value.

“Moreover, the Young Professionals work together as a well-oiled team in which each member makes use of their own background, expertise and skills. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to look at each situation from a number of angles and to find solutions every time.”

Happy customers

Anne-Sophie De Bondt, operations manager at IDECoffee: “We contacted Young Professionals to update our webshop and expand our online visibility. Within a day, we were presented with two profiles with relevant experience. A few days later, Arno was appointed to our project. We are impressed by his capabilities, working pace and his integration into our organisation. We would definitely recommend Young Professionals to any company looking for efficient, high-quality support for temporary assignments or projects.”

“We would definitely recommend Young Professionals to any company looking for efficient high-quality support for temporary assignments or projects.”
– Anne-Sophie De Bondt, Operations Manager at IDECoffee

Alexandre Devos, CEO of c-Quilibrium: “We chose the Young Professionals program because their offer is an appropriate alternative to classic recruitment. Their service is specifically tailored to our needs in the short to medium-long term. The flexibility and collaborative thinking process concerning what our organisation really needed were crucial. It turned out that we were looking for a certain mix of soft and hard skills: an affinity for ERP environments, skills in data science and broad usability and an eagerness to learn. The personal intake and adjusted staffing were highly appreciated.”

“The service of Young Professionals is specifically tailored to our needs in the short to medium-long term.”
– Alexandre Devos, CEO at c-Quilibrium