SD Worx and Fidea team up to boost employee engagement

The dream of every HR department: fully engaged employees and a solid employer value proposition to attract new talent. Most of them also know that introducing flexible working hours, creating a workplace-independent culture, and boosting employee autonomy is the best way to get there. So, what’s keeping HR managers from delivering on their commitments? “This approach requires a completely new mindset and, more importantly, a well-designed game plan”, explains Carina Stollenwerk, Senior HR Business Partner at Belgian insurance company Fidea.

Well, that’s right up our alley.

more flexibility and autonomy for 367 employees in 22 teams


Carina Stollenwerk: “When we contacted SD Worx to guide us through this transformation project, they immediately set up a dedicated team. Together, we defined specific objectives and a multi-path approach. The result? A framework and policy which got the green light from all representatives of our 22 Fidea teams. At this stage, we also purchased supporting software, such as a tool for virtual meetings.”


Carina Stollenwerk: : “One of our teams put the new policy into practice over 6 months. Colleagues first discussed how to keep productivity high, who would be available and when, how to communicate online, and when they would meet physically at the office. Meanwhile, SD Worx consultants supervised the whole process and we made adjustments when necessary.”


Carina Stollenwerk: “After the testing phase, the pilot team shared its experiences with the other 21 teams who then implemented the same strategy. This was done in 4 different waves, enabling us to effectively support all our employees and quickly react to setbacks. Again, SD Worx was there to help us at every step of the way.”

“Thanks to SD Worx, 82% of our 367 employees now work from their home offices one day a week, with sustained efficiency and productivity.”
– Carina Stollenwerk, Senior HR Business Partner at Fidea

The outcome: a win-win

Today, flexible working hours and locations are well-embedded at Fidea. “In the end, everybody wins”, says Carina Stollenwerk. “Employees are thrilled about their restored work-life balance and waste less time commuting. That translates into higher retention and a stronger element in our employer value proposition for new talent.”