Necessary conditions for the ‘New Way of Working’

People and organisations need the technological means to organise their time in the most efficient, effective and flexible ways. Protime, our subsidiary and specialist in workforce management solutions, has built its entire business on this notion and offers efficient solutions to optimise employee time management. These include tools for time registration and attendance, for instance, but also for planning.

Since this new way of working only thrives in an open company culture where trust, respect, autonomy and engagement are ubiquitous, Protime launched an ambassador program in 2018 to further spread its corporate philosophy. It is clearly an effective one, because Protime was awarded the title of Great Place to Work® for the seventh year in a row.

Protime Ambassador Gerresheimer

Protime Ambassador Gerresheimer advocates ‘VMV’

Mohammed Agdour, Director of HR & IT at Gerresheimer Momignies and Protime Ambassador, chose Protime in 2006 and has been a fan from the very beginning. “Despite the differences between my production company and service provider Protime, I also see many similarities. For example, we share the same priorities: our vision, mission and values. We even abbreviate it to ‘VMV’. And in our organisation, it's also up to all employees to decide on the company values, not just the management team”, Mohammed Agdour says.

Mohammed Agdour: “Newcomers to all factories are given a thorough introduction to the VMV, and we take continuous measures to sustain that focus. Each factory HR director is responsible for the VMV; it is even a title associated with our names in the organisational chart. Every year, one value is honoured and celebrated. Delegations from each factory meet at our headquarters to work on these values and draw up an action plan to bring them to life.”

Gerresheimer is a leading global partner for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The firm’s unique glass and plastic products contribute to greater health and well-being. Its 10,000 employees are based in 40 countries and entities worldwide. The Belgian branch in Momignies makes glass bottles for cosmetics and perfume employs more than 600 people. It is the largest supplier of L'Oréal in the world, and Beiersdorff (Nivea), Yves Rocher, Clarins, Avon and Calvin Klein are also key customers.

With 50 different working hour timetables, the Protime’s services ticked all the boxes at Gerresheimer Momignies. Over the years, Protime has developed a tailor-made toolset just for Gerresheimer Momignies employees.

To an even stronger Protime

Through the August 2018 acquisition of Onlinewerkrooster, Protime enhanced its expertise in flexible online planning, specifically in hospitality and retail. Onlinewerkrooster also wins, since the company can now accelerate its growth and realise its international ambitions.