Moving office in Mauritius

With the SD Worx Mauritius office expected to grow in 2018 and beyond, it was clear by mid-2017 that we would be outgrowing our office space within the next 12 months. The Board of Directors therefore approved our request to move to a new office, which was also a unique opportunity to fully establish the SD Worx brand in the business landscape of Mauritius.

Focussing on innovation, agility and openness

We kicked off the design phase of this exciting project in February 2018, and the project team completely rethought our office space concept, focussing on innovation, agility and openness. In September 2018, we moved into the new office and immediately experienced a completely different atmosphere.

We have now fully deployed our SD Worx brand identity and introduced exciting new concepts such as slides to invite our colleagues to overcome mental barriers, a running track to promote well-being, themed meeting rooms to inspire new mindsets, and our now famous ‘trains’, for a novel collaborative experience. We also chose an open office floorplan, for better accessibility and collaboration. Our design choices were meant to facilitate a perspective shift in our colleagues, enabling us to become even more agile, customer centric and innovative in the digital space.

“I love our new office, which is designed to promote openness and collaboration: key enablers of innovation, agility and customer centricity.”
– Ashvin Pudaruth, Managing Director