Europabank makes it personal: flexible remuneration is a trump card in recruiting

Europabank, a niche player in Belgian banking, has 47 regional offices in Belgium. Counting only 340 employees, they call themselves a "family bank", striving for a personal relationship with their employees. To achieve this, the bank not only invests in capital, but in people as well.

Their growth coincides with the recruitment of both promising graduates and experienced profiles. Being a “small fish”, Europabank must be innovative to attract the right people: that’s where flexible remuneration comes in.

“We respond to the individual needs of our employees. This flexibility fits perfectly with our dynamics and the growth opportunities that we offer”.
– Thomas De Meyer, Director of Human Resources

Mobility as main priority

Europabank appointed SD Worx to help them implement their flexible remuneration policy. Sustainable mobility solutions took centre stage, including leased bicycles, reimbursed parking facilities on the outskirts of the city, bicycle lockers and car parking spaces at the station, etc. The results were unexpected. With only 45 cars for 340 employees, the company car proved to be far less popular than anticipated. "More bicycles are being used to commute; clearly, more choice does not necessarily mean more cars”, says Thomas De Meyer.

The appeal of choice

Rudi Vanlangendyck, CEO of Europabank, is convinced that flexible remuneration contributes to increased employee satisfaction. “We have competitive remuneration packages for almost all positions, but the most important thing is that employees can select their own. As a result, the SD Worx Flex Income PlanTM, helps us put the right people in the right places.”