“SD Worx is an excellent guide for personnel-related matters, even for scale-ups”

Painting with Light, an SME specialised in lighting, video and multimedia, has a small but growing team that lands projects at home and, increasingly, abroad.

Nicole Engelen, Administration and Finance Specialist at Painting with Light, elaborates:
“We currently count 20 employees, but we are still growing and currently have 8 vacancies. At first, we handled the recruitment process ourselves, but we now rely on the expertise of SD Worx, particularly in the area of remuneration. Fringe benefits, bonuses and the right level of competitive remuneration are all very complex, but our questions are answered swiftly by SD Worx specialists who know our company well.

“Our desired profiles are extremely difficult to find, and SD Worx supported us in our first international hire, sorting out the work permit of our new employee from India. Irregular hours are often part of the job, but we now also have a solution that balances out working hours. It turned out that joint industrial committee 304 is much more aligned with our business. Joint industrial committees are permanent bodies at the sectoral or subsectoral level in which representative employers’ associations and trade unions are represented. Our employees now recuperate their overtime hours during calmer periods. SD Worx is an excellent guide for personnel-related questions in any business scenario – even for scale-ups that have very particular demands.”